What is a segment

A segment is a group of contacts or accounts that meet the same conditions. Create segments to monitor specific groups of customers and specific behavior like:

  • Stuck in onboarding

  • NPS detractors

  • Upsell candidates

  • Use the new messaging feature

  • Quota reached

How to create a segment

  1. Go on the Segments view and create a new segment

  2. Name your segment

  3. Apply conditions that define this segment

  4. Save it

The newly created segment will show up on the Segments tab. When a customer meets all these conditions, he instantly enters in the segment.

Tip: You can create an action (task, email) or receive a notification when new contacts or accounts enter in a segment using workflows.

What is a sub-segment

Sub-segments allows you to create subset of segments so you don’t have to repeat the same conditions over and over and keep them organized.

For example, after you create the segment “NPS” (all customer that answered your NPS survey), you can create 3 sub-segments: 8 to 10, 5 to 7, 0 to 4.

How to create a sub-segment

  1. Go to a segment

  2. Click on create a sub-segment

  3. Name your sub-segment (You don’t need to repeat the name of the father-segment, it will be automatically pre-fixed).

  4. Apply conditions that define the sub-segment (the conditions of the father-segment are automatically applied)

  5. Save it

The newly created sub-segment will show up under the segment.

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