Slack Authentification

To connect your Salesmachine app with Slack, Go the  Slack Settings page. You will then be guided through the authentication flow to connect your Salesmachine app and your Slack account.

The Slack account chosen will be shared by all Salesmachine users.

Notifications Settings

Slack notifications are personal for each Salesmachine user. It means that each user can set up their own notifications.

1. Select a #channel or a @DM

2/ Invite Salesmachine

Note: Check "Only for contacts and accounts assigned to me" if you manage your own portfolio in Salesmachine (for Starter and Standard plan).

3. Subscribe to notifications

a) Health alerts 

Be notified when customer health declined or progressed across the customer journey. Examples:  Declined to Bad in stage Paying, Progressed to Good in stage Trial.

b) Stage alerts 

Be notified when customers enter in a new stage. Examples:  Change stage Trial to Paying, Change stage Paying to Renewal.

c) Segment alerts 

Be notified when customers match a list of conditions. Examples: Incomplete Onboarding, Answered a low NPS, Upsell candidates, Card expired in less than 30 days, Renewal at risk.

Note: Color and text of segment alerts are defined when you create/edit the segments.

d) Event alerts

Be notified when customers perform an important event. Examples: Subscribed, Opened a support ticket, Payment failed, Signed up, Connected a service.

Using the bot

Get insights about a customer directly on Slack. Type @salesmachine search customer_name and Salesmachine will reply with insights about this customer. 

Important: @salesmachine bot must be invited in channels where you do the queries to be able to reply. 

To invite @salesmachine in channels:

1/ Invite team members to join

2/ Invite Salesmachine

3/ You can now ask Salesmachine insights about your customers

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