Install via Segment
Connect Segment to start sending customer data to Salesmachine.
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If you've already have Segment installed in your product, app or servers, you can send customer data to Salesmachine in just a click!

Connect Segment

Once connected, your customer data will be synced from any web, mobile, and server apps where you’ve installed Segment. 

How to connect Segment to Salesmachine

In the onboarding page or in the administration, click 'Enable with Segment'.

You've redirected to a page in, choose the source of data and click 'Send data'

You've redirected back to, Segment is now connected. Wait for a few moments until Salesmachine receive the first customer data from Segment.

Click 'Next: Connect integrations' once data is received!

How does Salesmachine display and process Segment's data

Identify method

Segment's Identify calls create Contacts in Salesmachine.
Identify's traits define Contact's attributes (see in contact's profile > profile tab).

Group method

Segment's Group calls create Accounts in Salesmachine.
Group's traits define Account's attributes (see in account's profile > profile tab).

Track method

Segment's Track calls create Events in Salesmachine (see in contact and account's profile > analytics tab).

Page method

Segment's Page calls create Pageviews so generate Sessions in Salesmachine (see heatmap in contact and account's profile).

Learn more about Sessions in Salesmachine Core Metrics

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