If you've already have Intercom installed in your product, app or servers, you can send customer data to Salesmachine in just a click! 

Note: We recommend using this integration only if you've don't already track customers via other sources like Segment or our own API. Check out this article to enrich existing Salesmachine contacts and accounts with Intercom conversations only.

Connect Intercom

Once connected, your customer data will be synced from any web, mobile, and server apps where you’ve installed Intercom. 

How to connect Intercom to Salesmachine

In the onboarding page or in the administration, click 'Enable with Intercom'.

You've redirected to a page in Intercom.com for authentification, enter your credentials and click 'connect'.

You've redirected back to Salesmachine.io, Intercom is now connected. Wait for a few moments until Salesmachine receive the first customer data from Intercom.

Click 'Next: Connect integrations' once data is received!

Key features

Users and companies 

Once the Intercom integration is connected and the option 'User Tracking' is enabled, your active Intercom users (and their associated companies) will be automatically imported into Salesmachine on an ongoing basis (every few minutes).

Salesmachine also imports the Intercom users created in the last 60 days and companies associated with them.


Salesmachine collects all the Intercom attributes from users and companies. You can find them under Salesmachine profile tab > Intercom section. You can use these Intercom attributes to create health scoring, segments and custom conditions anywhere on Salesmachine.


  • There are some attributes that the Intercom API doesn't allow 3rd parties to collect. 

  • Custom attributes with the same keys than default Intercom's attributes are not collected in Salesmachine.

Events & Sessions

Salesmachine collects all the custom events and sessions from Intercom and process them like Salesmachine events (trends, variation, etc). You can use these custom events to create health scoring, segments and custom conditions anywhere on Salesmachine. 

Note: The number of Sessions can be slightly different as Salesmachine re-constructs sessions based on others parameters than Intercom's sessions.


Once the Intercom integration is connected, your Intercom conversations will be automatically imported into Salesmachine on an ongoing basis when a new conversation is started.

Intercom users associated with the conversations have to match existing Salesmachine contacts based on email. Note: you must be using Intercom’s email field to store email addresses.

Salesmachine imports also all your historical conversations (conversations you had before to connect Intercom to Salesmachine): 

  • Salesmachine imports all the conversations associated with users created in the last 60 days 

  • Each time you visit a Salesmachine profile, Salesmachine imports the associated conversations.

Intercom conversations appear in the Past Activity timeline just like emails. You can open the open the conversation and click on 'Reply on Intercom' to open your Intercom app. 

Use Salesmachine attributes within Intercom (only if Intercom is the primary data source)

Salesmachine pushes automatically Salesmachine's attributes so you can drive better automated Intercom messages and support agents can have key customer success data about the customer they are talking to.  

The following Salesmachine's attributes are sync with Intercom when contact/account health, stage or pulse has changed:

  • Salesmachine Health

  • Salesmachine Stage

  • Salesmachine Url

  • Salesmachine Pulse

  • Salesmachine License Utilization

  • Salesmachine CS Owner

  • Salesmachine CS Owner email

How to disable Intercom

Go to the settings of the Intercom integration, then click the 'X' or 'Remove integration'.

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