Salesmachine allows you to monitor your monthly recurring revenue. To enable this feature, send a MRR value for each customer.

Set MRR automatically (via API, Segment, Intercom or Mixpanel)

Send the MRR value as a numeric attribute called mrr. You can send the mrr attribute at the contact level or the account level (we don't recommend to send MRR on both contacts and accounts).

If you've already have the MRR value in your dataset as a numeric attribute but with a different name than mrr (ex: monthly_spend). Please contact us at [email protected] so we can make it work with your current attribute.

Set MRR manually

On every contact and account profiles (in the profile tab), you can set manually the value of the MRR attribute (we don't recommend to set MRR on both contacts and accounts).

Important: Make sure your integrations doesn't erase the value manually updated.

Set MRR via Stripe integration

Important: Stripe integration matches existing Salesmachine contacts with your Stripe users based on email. You must be using Stripe’s email field to store email addresses.

Once Stripe is connected, it updates your Salesmachine contacts with mrr and lists subscriptions. Stripe data is automatically updated when subscriptions are updated.

Set MRR via Zapier

If the MRR values resides only in your billing or invoicing services, you can use Zapier to set the attributes mrr on your contacts in Salesmachine.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change the currency?

Right now, we support only dollars ($) but we planned to let you display the currency you want. Stay tuned!

Can you sum MRR values of all the contacts within an account to define MRR at the account level?

No. Contacts et accounts MRR values are completely separated and we don't recommend to set MRR values on both.

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