You can set automatically the right owner based on specific conditions of your choice (like MRR or country) or an existing segment using a playbook:

1/ Go to Playbooks and create a new playbook

2/ Define the trigger when the owner should be set (when account enters a segment for example)

3/ Define additional rules to set different owners based on customer attributes or events

Example: Set account's owner based on the attribute: country  

When a new account is created on Salesmachine, set owner as Tom is account from France, as Jeremie is account from Spain, as John is account from US.

a) Add the condition Country contains France

b) Add the action 'Change owner'

3) Choose Tom

Repeat this process for the different country/member in different steps.

4/ Save and enable this workflow

Once the workflow is enabled, accounts and contacts will be automatically assigned to team members based on countries.

Filter customers lists by owner

Filter accounts or contacts by owner in stages, segments, and inbox.

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