Gmail integration collects all your email conversations with your customers in Salesmachine. You can finally have a full overview of every touchpoints with the customer in one place.

Connect Gmail

Gmail is a personal settings. It means that each Salesmachine user has to connect their own Gmail account to synchronize their emails. Once enabled, emails exchanged with customers (contacts whose email adresses are defined in Salesmachine) will be automatically displayed in Salesmachine.

How to connect Gmail to Salesmachine

Privacy Settings

You can blacklist specific email addresses or domains to avoid personal emails exchanged with a client to appear in Salesmachine.

Synchronize only emails with specific labels

Select 'Only emails with certain labels will be synced with Salesmachine' and select those labels. Don't forget to save your settings.

Blacklist emails

Enter email adresses of the contacts that you don't want to synchronize with Salesmachine.

Blacklist a domain

Enter the company's domain to ignore all emails exchanged with contacts whose emails contains this domain, using this rule:

Custom rule
Create your own regex rule to blacklist emails.

How does Salesmachine collect and display your emails

New emails

All new emails will be automatically collected and displayed in Salesmachine's customer profiles based on the privacy settings you chose. 

Emails are displayed in contact and account profiles (see screenshot below).

Previous emails

Previous emails will be collected one by one when you (or a member of your team) visit the contact (or account) profile for the first since the connection with Gmail. So if you don't see previous emails in customer profiles right away, wait a few moment and refresh the page.

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