The inbox is your command center to onboard, retain and grow your customers. The purpose of the email Inbox is to answer the email sent by your customers from Salesmachine. No more switching between Gmail and Salesmachine anymore, manage everything in one place.

How it works

To get started, you need to connect your Gmail account (See how to connect and configure Gmail here). 

All new emails sent by your customers will be automatically collected and displayed in your Inbox. 

Important: Only customers with an email address existing in Salesmachine will be collected by Salesmachine.

Manage your emails like tasks 

From the moment you connect Gmail, all new emails sent your customers show up in your inbox as To Do. When you mark an email as done, it appear as Done

All historical emails (received before you've connected Gmail) are mark as Done. 

Reply to a conversation

To reply to a conversation, just click on the subject in your inbox to display the whole conversation and write your answer. Replying to an email mark it automatically as done by default but you can un-check this option.

When answering a conversation, you can see the list of the participants and their details in the right panel. Switch between participants to learn more about them.

See your teammates' emails 

If you're an admin, you can see the emails received by your teammates.
Use the selector on top-right of the screen.

Additional Tip: See email conversations in customer profiles

You can also retrieve all your email conversations in each Salesmachine profile (contact and account).

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