You can now easily customize your existing data using Data Management.

Attributes and events are often defined with technical names making it difficult for CSM to understand their meaning. Admins can now rename and adjust them in Data Management.

Manage Attributes and Events


Rename your data so it will appear as you named it for your team in Salesmachine. The "dev name" won't appear anymore. 


Events and attributes can be messy and difficult to understand. When necessary, add a small definition to your data so your team will quickly understand what they have to do and which data they can rely on. 


Data can be tricky and sometimes need to be edited. Data Management enable you to set the data as editable or not from your team.


You want your attributes to be displayed in a different format? Attributes type will help you to change a data into a text format, number, pick list, or boolean. Make sure to synchronize your modifications with your tech team so they will be pushed with the good format 


Prevent drowning and remove data that won't be pushed anymore. If some deleted attributes/ events are pushed again in Salesmachine, they will be back in Data Management.

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