Sometimes, your customers can use your product every day but when you talk to them, you realize they are at risk. With Pulse, you can now add and keep track of those risks on Salesmachine.

Add the pulse of your customers

To report the level of risk, open the "Add Pulse" action and select a value from 'Extreme Risk' to 'Highly Satisfied'. You can add a note to define the reason.

Pulse History

See the history of Pulse on the Past activity:

You can also see the current Pulse and reason on the header of the customer profile:

Use Pulse values to configure health scoring, segments

Pulse values are very important insights from your CSMs or Account Managers. Use the six-point scale pulse (from 0 to 5) to customize customer health and create key segments.

You can find a new numeric attribute Pulse in the Salesmachine data set:

0 = Extreme Risk
1 = At Risk
2 = Some Risk
3 = Satisfied
4 = Very Satisfied
5 = Highly Satisfied

Never forget to update pulse values

Create a playbook or an alert to be notified when customer pulse values wasn't updated for a long time.

You can find a new attribute Pulse Date in the Salesmachine data set. It represents the date of the last time a pulse was updated on the customer. 

Segment example: Pulse Date was greater than 2 months ago. It will list all customers whose current pulse was updated more than 2 months ago.

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