What are the segments?

Segments are meant to isolate a specific behavior without taking into account the lifecycle evolution they are in. It is especially useful to isolate a population that would need to be addressed in the playbooks.

Why would I use Segments?

  • Address a specific population

  • Spot a specific behaviour to take action

  • Follow a trend

What Segments should I create in general?

  • New feature used 

  • Isolate Promoters / Detractors NPS 

  • Customers that did not connect in a while

  • Plan split

  • Upsell candidates

What Segments to isolate as a Head of Customer Success Manager?

  • At risk Pulse so you can take action with your team 

  • High MRR client so you can follow their health

  • Recent churned customers so you can detect pre-churned behavior and correct it

  • Customers that create a lot of tickets via support so you can offer them a call or an additional training

What Segments should I create as a Customer Success Manager ?

  • Last touch is ahead of time so you can suggest an appointment

  • Key feature that is not used in a while so you can send a spotted email

  • Star feature of the chosen plan is not used so you can detect downsell

  • Bad NPS so you can focus on this customer

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