To save yourself some time, some easy and quick tips can be implemented in Salesmachine so you can quickly identify critical clients and start accurate actions for each of them

Set tasks and log activities in your action box 

Every calls and meetings can be logged in Salesmachine. Just like a basic CRM, it will enable you to quickly find the customer history. In addition to these activities, setting tasks will be created as reminders on due date.

Set Pulse

Are you dealing with a tough client? Does the product maturity of the client worry you? Do you feel that the client may churn over the different discussion you have with him? Spot these accounts by scoring them in Pulse. Not only you will be able to adapt your speech with them, but your management will also receive a notification about these clients. You will then be able to design an accurate strategy for them. Learn more about Pulse here

Check your Inbox tab

Once tasks are created, Gmail synch authorised and playbooks activated (only for Standard plans) , Inbox tab will help you to prioritise your day. Every emergency to be tracked (via playbook), email to be treated and to-dos to be performed will be displayed in this tab. Check your Inbox here

Check your Alerts tab

Alerts tab tracks health, stages, and segments movement on a daily basis. Whenever a client changes from one stage to another, decline in average/bad health, or enter in a segment, it will be noted in this tab. You can also setup this tab so you will only see the information you are interested in. Check your alerts here 

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