• Workflows automate actions
  • Playbooks create tasks for your team.


Workflows create actions that will be automatically send to your customers without any action from you (like auto-emails). Note that you can also use workflows to automate actions like assigning owner, sending Slack notifications, creating actions in external services.


  • Automate welcome emails and nurturing.
  • Send emails to customers when customers declined to bad health
  • Receive Slack notification when customer credit card expired
  • Assign an owner for each new Enterprise customer based on conditions


Playbooks create tasks that require actions from your team working on Salesmachine. All tasks created by playbooks appears in Inbox.


  • Tasks to perform during the Kick-off (when a new Enterprise customer is closed)
  • Training process
  • Tasks to perform when a customer declined to bad health
  • Tasks to perform during the Renewal process
  • Tasks to perform for QBRs
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