Salesmachine enable you to write down your discussions and to-dos directly within the account / contact profile.
Here as some best practices to optimise your day-to-day actions

Use "New note" to inform your team

Notes are all the information outside of clients communication that need to be exchanged with the rest of the team. A new note does not update the last touch.
Note examples: New hire to be done in April, Champion left the company, Company created a new office in Boston....

Use "Log activity" to detail your conversations with the client

  • Select the tab "call" to mention a call. This will update the global last touch as well as the attribute "last touch call". this attribute can be used in a segment by managers to check last calls performed.

  • Select the tab "meeting" to mention a face-to-face meeting. This will update the global last touch as well as the attribute "last touch meeting".  It can be used by Customer Success Managers to get reminders tasks (via playbooks) or slack alerts (via workflows) to organise their QBR meetings with their clients. 

  • Select the tab "email" to mention an email exchange. This will update the global last touch as well as the attribute "last touch email". It is not necessary to log your emails if you already linked your Salesmachine to gmail integration. Attribute "last touch email" will be directly synchronized with Salesmachine, even if they come from Gmail. 

For all activities logged on accounts, it is essential to link the activity to the contact so the activity can be also displayed on the contact profile. It is not possible to attach the activity to more than one contact.

Create tasks

Tasks are the manual to-dos to be perform by the CS owner (customer success manager in charge of the account). A note can be added to the task to include additional information.
All tasks appear in the inbox tab. When the due date is passed, tasks appear in the overdue tab.
Tasks example : call back the client, check implementation ...

Send email 

The send email action is specifically reserved for Gmail Integration. 

Add Pulse 

All information regarding pulse can be found in the article 

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