Salesmachine newest integration with Salesforce enable you to send automatic updates so all teams can be on the same page regarding users.

What can you do with this integration ? 

  • Push attributes from Salesmachine to Salesforce 

  • Push custom attributes from Salesforce to Salesmachine

  • Pull completed activities from Salesforce to Salesmachine (Scale plan only)

  • Push completed activities from Salesmachine to Salesforce (Scale plan only)

  • Push a task from Salesmachine to Salesforce

What can you achieve with this integration ? 

Consolidate efforts

Customer Success is not one person task, it is a company effort. Communicate information from Salesmachine to Salesforce will enable you to

  • Update teams : Update Salesforce users about Customer Success Manager subjective analysis will enable to create a common strategy.

  • Send to-do's to Sales and Support teams : Push tasks from Salesmachine to Salesforce so sales persons will know exactly when to contact the account. 

Centralise data 

  • Understand the client full picture : With calls / meeting / tasks synchronised between both softwares, each team will get a better understanding about what has been done with each personae to avoid repetition and address accurate follow up.

  • Avoid double entries : Attribute synchronisation will enable the Customer Success Manager to understand all information updated from Salesforce without having to switch from one product to another, avoid duplicate information and gain time to focus on critical tasks.

  • Get up-to-date information : Synchronisation between Salesmachine and Salesforce will be done once a day. Through these information, automations can be triggered based on Salesforce and Salesmachine information.

How to implement Salesforce intégration ? 

Attributes limitations

It will not be possible to push from Salesforce to Salesmachine formula fields or compound fields

What is a Compound Field

Compound fields group together multiple elements of primitive data types, such as numbers or strings, to represent complex data types, >such as a location or an address. Compound fields are an abstraction that can simplify application code that handles the values, leading to >more concise, understandable code

What is a Formula Field

Formula Field is a read only field whose value is evaluated from the formula or expression defined by us. We can define formula field on both standard as well as custom objects. Any change in expression or formula will automatically update the value of formula field

A formula is an algorithm that derives its value from other fields, expressions, or values. Formulas can help you automatically calculate the value of a field based on other fields.

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