What is email action ? 

Email & HTML email

Emails are communications to be written without any image or attached file.
HTML email are HTML communications to be pasted. File cannot be attached.

Emails and HTML emails are automatic actions. They will be sent automatically to the user(s). Customer Success Manager will not be alerted when these actions will be sent to the user.

How to optimise set up email actions ? 

  • Setup sender : Sender can be the either static (always the same person who sent the email - defined or custom) or dynamic (sender will be the owner of the profile in Salesmachine)

Careful! If the sender is set as dynamic and the profile does not have a Customer Success owner assigned, email will not be sent. 

  • Choose recipient : Email recipient can be customised according the trigger of the workflow. If the workflow is triggered on account, the message can be sent to contact of the account or only a specific contacts of the account (to be defined according to contact patterns) 

  • Select cc / bcc : cc and bcc emails need to specified, but email entered needs to exist in Salesmachine. If cc/bcc email does not exist in Salesmachine, email will not be generated

  • Customise content : Use attributes profile to address contextual message to your users. Content can be customised according to profile attributes, not profile events.

  • Adjust unsubscribe feature : As emails are sent as newsletter, default unscubscribe actions are set for emails. You can simply untick this feature with your email content.

Why using email actions ? 

Focus on strategic actions

  • Onboarding and adoption communication : Guidance need to be communicated to the user when he first connect to your product. This guidance can either be about the first steps, but also generic best practice to drive to the "Wow effect". Feel free to include articles from the help center to provide all the needed information.

  • Custom communication : Proactive communication needs to be done on the account and contact level. Automatic email enable end-user to receive all needed communication. Workflow also enable to send post behavioral communication to readers so they will not receive any promotion for a feature they already master, but only communication for unsued or under-used feature. 

  • Recurring requests :  Some reccuring communication can be automated and simply followed by the customer success manager in charge such as : declined payment, welcome email, non connexion email, webinar promotion, feature promotion ...

  • Track efficiency :  Automatic email enable to receive stats. These figures will help you to adjust communication, send emails before or sooner, add more links ... 

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