What is Product Adoption Score?

Product Adoption Score is a score between 0 and 100 representing how well a prospect has been adopting your product during the trial period (and experienced the product value).

For example, a prospect has been experiencing product value if he's been using the 5 following features (signals): 

  • Created a project
  • Invited teammates
  • Imported contacts
  • Created first campaign
  • Sent first campaign

For each new trial, Salesmachine will calculate a Product Adoption Score based on these signals. Here, if a trial matches all 5 signals: the score would be 100. If it matches only 2 signals, the score would be 40.

Why should you configure the Product Adoption Score?

Product Adoption Score helps your sales team to focus their attention on trials that are experiencing your product’s value (adopting your product) as they have a higher chance to convert into paying customers. Your sales team save time instead of contacting the trials that didn’t (yet) get the value of your product.

How to configure Product Adoption Score?

Go to this page and add your own signals representing how your prospects should adopt your product during their trial period.

What is a signal?

A Signal represents one important criteria of the product adoption. Ex: Imported contacts.

How to add a signal?

1 . Name the signal

This is the signal's name visible by your sales team. Pick a simple/short name that represents the signal conditions. (Ex: Imported contacts).

2.  Add signal's conditions

Add signal's conditions. If your prospect meet the conditions, the signal will be taken in consideration in the score.

3.  Define a weight between 1 and 10

You can weight the importance of signals to refine scores. For example if the signal "Imported contacts" is 2x more important than the signal "Invited teammates", you can define the following weights:

  • Imported contacts (weight=10)
  • Invited teammates (weight=5)

If an account matches only the first signal (Imported contacts), the score will be 75.

If an account matches only the second signal (Invited teammates), the score will be 25.

If an account match all signals, the score will be 100.

Visualizing Product Adoption Scores

Once you're done adding all your product adoption signals, don't forget to save the settings. Salesmachine will calculate a product adoption score for every customer with a trial status (it can take some time if you have a lot of customers with this status). You can find the results on the Convert module.

Create Custom Conditions

Use the Salesmachine attribute Product Adoption Score (Number) to create custom conditions in Segments or Workflows.

No customers in the Convert module?

If you don't see any customers in the convert module, it's usually because no customers have a trial status. Make sure the settings of statuses are correct here.

See how to configure statuses.

What are the difference between Customer Fit Score and Product Adoption Score?

Customer Fit Score represents how much a trial matches with your ideal customer (ex: size of the company, localisation, etc) whereas Product Adoption Score represents how much a trial have been adopting your product during its trial period (successfully sent a campaign, invited contacts, etc).

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