What are statuses?

A Status represents the current subscription state of a customer:

Trial: the customer is trying the product for free during a certain period of time (timeframe?)

Not converted: the trial has expired and the customer did not convert into a paying customer

Paying: the customer is currently paying

Churned: the customer has unsubscribed from your product

Why to configure statuses?

Besides segmenting customers by status, Salesmachine allows you to manage your customers differently based on their status:

Convert module

Salesmachine qualify customers with a trial status by calculating dedicated scores to help you convert them into paying customers. The following attributes appear in the customer with a trial status:

  • Customer fit score (score between 0 and 100)

  • Product adoption score (score between 0 and 100)

  • Qualified (true/false)

Salesmachine also calculates also the average conversion rate (and other conversion metrics) by measuring the number of trial converting into paying customers. So these metrics are calculated based on status: Trial, Paying (and Not Converted).

Retain module

Salesmachine scores the health of customers with a paying status so you can automatically identify risks of churn and upsell opportunities across the customer lifecycle. The following attributes appear in the customer with a paying status:

  • Health (Good, Bad or Average)

  • Stage (Example: Onboarding, Adoption, Renewal, etc..)

Salesmachine also calculates the average churn rate by measuring the number of paying customers that have churned. So these metrics are calculated based on status: Paying and Churned.

How to configure statuses?

Add conditions for each status you would like to activate.

If you don't offer a trial, add conditions only for Paying and Churned statuses, you can ignore Trial and Not Converted status.

Default status

If customers don't match with any status, the status will be paying but feel free to change it based on your own model.

Only one current status

If customers match will several status, only one status will apply, the lowest in the list (with the highest number).


Once you've add statuses' conditions, don't forget to save the settings. Salesmachine will process all your customers to define their status based on the conditions. It can take some time if you have a lot of customers in Salesmachine. You can find the results on the Home page with the number of customers for each status.

What are the difference between Status and Lifecycle stages?

Lifecycle stages are the different steps that a paying customer go through: Onboarding, Adoption, Renewals. But Statuses are the state of the subscription: trial, not converted, paying, churned.

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