What are Qualified Trials?

Qualified trials are considered as the best trials to target. Qualified trials usually combines high customer fit score and high product adoption score.

Why configuring Qualified Trials?

Configuring Qualified trials allows your sales team to focus on the most important trials to convert more with less effort.

How to configure Qualified Trials?

Select items in matrix to combine customer fit score with product adoption score into qualified trials.

Note: When you saved the new qualification settings, it can take some time to

Visualizing Qualified Trials

You can access the list of all qualified trials in this segment:

For every customer with a trial status, you can see the qualification information on the top of the profile.

Create Custom Conditions

Use the Salesmachine attribute 'Qualified' (true/false) to create custom conditions in Segments or Workflows.

Automate actions when trials is marked as Qualified

See how to automate actions

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