What are actions?

Actions in Convert Module are simple but powerful actions (like sending a Slack notification or creating a task in your CRM) that are automatically triggered when a trial become qualified or when a trial become paying.

Why configuring Action?

It helps your sales team be notified when they have to engage with trials and automate tasks so they can focus on what they do best: closing deals.

How to configure actions


Choose when to automate actions between the 2 triggers:

  • When new qualified accounts
  • When new paying accounts

Enable actions

  • Receive a Slack notification: select the channel where you want to be notified
  • Receive notification by email: select the recipient of the email
  • Create a task in Salesforce/Hubspot: Select a due date, a task's title and add a note. You can insert attribute to give more context to your sales team.

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