Health score in Salesmachine helps you to identify at-risk and clients reaching their desired outcomes.

Each health will determine actions to be performed by the team or communication to be sent to users.

Most users will tend to identify health score based on the number of sessions performed on the platform (how often did they connect to their solution)

However, focus needs to be designed according to the expected customer desired outcome for each step.


  • People buy Salesmachine grow plan in order to automate their communication and start identify risky users. Therefore Customer Success Manager need to make sure workflows that enable automation are well set 

  • In that specific case, health score is not based on number of sessions but automation. Accounts will be in bad health if they did not automate their communication. There is no need to follow up on session because it is not where the user is getting the value from Salesmachine

Good health is here isolating accounts that enable automation and automatic emails to their users 

Bad health is here isolating accounts that did not connect any mailer to Salesmachine and therefore did not automate any action

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