Time-based Stages

This stage is much less manual and if needed, fully automated.

All Accounts or Contacts will automatically move on from a stage to another, without any human interactions.

  • First month = onboarding

  • Month 2 and 3 = adoption (usually it's commonly considered that the first 3 months are the adoption period)

  • Month 4 to 9 = expansion, when your Account is growing and has to perceive as much value as possible from your product.

  • Month 9 to 12 = renewal period, when all your efforts have to focus on the validating the renewal of your Account for a new subscription

  • More than 12 until next renewal date - 3 months = expansion

βž• Upside: ideal in term of scalability, fits perfectly for massive client portfolios

βž– Downside: less control of your Accounts journey (ex: an account can move to Adoption even though is not full onboarded)

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