(100% manual) Accounts will move from one Stage to another when some targeted dates will be updated (ex: Onboarding done date, renewal date, etc..)

Using a date is more effective than a boolean (ex: onboarding done: Yes/No), as it creates a timestamp for each key moment of your customer journeys.

Some useful dates:

  • Onboarding Phase: signed up at, created at, subscription start date kickoff done date, training date, implementation date..

  • Expansion & Maturity phase: onboarding done date (when you consider an onboarding is fully completed) upgrade date, downgrade date

  • Renewal phase: renewal date subscription end date

When an Account is renewed, the subscription end date or renewal date will be updated manually to send the Account/Contact back to the Onboarding or Expansion stages.

Attention: all the chosen date attributes need to be in an appropriate date format in Salesmachine.


Full control of your Accounts journeys, so it fits perfectly for limited client portfolios


Not ideal in term of scalability.

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