Additional layers for Stages

Tier-based stages can add another layer to your Stages, and can help you to distinguish your most valuable Customers (ex: High touch) from the other (ex: Low/tech touch).

Some tiering options can be:

  • MRR value (e.g : <$499 // $500 to $1999 // >$2000, etc.. )

  • your own Subscription plan (e.g Enterprise, Standard, etc..)

  • standard tiering: Tier 1, Tier 2, etc..

  • Tech touch, Low touch, Medium touch, High touch

  • split with subscription periods (Monthly subs, Yearly subs, Quaterly etc..)

  • used Product in your Solution

These stages can be mixed using various Stages conditions (defined by attributes and events) to have a mixed strategy to categorize your customers. This allows you to limit the downside and capitalize on various upsides of stages.

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