Pulse-based Score (e.g full gut feeling)

Health score without any KPI or any type of metrics considered. It relies mainly on subjective information that the client's main interlocutor (Customer Success, Account Managers, etc..) will take into consideration to evaluate if the client will probably renew, upsell, or churn.

The pulse is then, used as a Health condition with 6 grades going from «Extreme risk» to «Highly satisfied». Obviously, highly satisfied suggest that the client should undoubtedly renew its subscription.

When using the Pulse as a condition, you can keep in mind that behind each grade, you have a dedicated value from 1 (= Extreme risk) to 6 (=Highly satisfied), then for instance;

  • more than «some risk» means «satisfied» and above

  • less than «satisfied» will consider «some risk» and below

Pulse in Salesmachine

Common subjective reasons behind a low Pulse:

  • organizational change in the company (e.g Champion is leaving)

  • client benchmark of other Solutions

  • client tells he is not perceiving product value

  • reducing costs and solutions stack

  • client is frustrated by the number of Support tickets

  • client avoids calls and contacts

Obviously, using only the Pulse as a Health condition will rely on the pulse regular and frequent updates (e.g once a month, etc..) for more accuracy.

➕ Upside: great for high touch and small portfolios

➖ Downside: not scalable for larger portfolios

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