Activity-based Score (e.g x actions per time frames)

Defining the Health Score fully on a number of activities that have to be performed by each Account/Contact per time periods (e.g weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc..).

Our conditions will allow you to define that if the activity has been performed more than XX amount of times, Health will be Green for good, and on the contrary, X amount of times will be Red as bad. All the other values in between will attribute the Average score.

As it is time-based, Health can be sometimes biased if the client takes some time off or is less active for some time and it does not necessarily mean that he should be in Average/Bad.

Commonly used activities include;

  • daily sessions (action to connect to the platform)

  • sent communications, emails, marketing, etc..

  • last visit at and the last touch (great in onboarding or implementation phases)

  • etc..

βž• Upside: allows seeing any Health variation from one day to the other, with our daily synchronizations. Perfect for large portfolios.

βž– Downside: do not include at all the gut feeling and churn reasons uncorrelated with activity.

It can be biased if clients do not have to be active to be healthy.

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