Custom KPI-based Score (e.g. a targeted field > x %)

Choose a very significant KPI for your business and make sure that they reach a certain level above which Health will be Good and below, Average or Bad.

This KPI will be pushed to Salesmachine via your chosen primary source and processed in your Health metrics. Quite often, those KPI are established as a ratio on percentage.

When configured in Salesmachine, the KPI condition does not have to be necessarily time-based, it will focus on score evolution (descending or increasing).

βž• Upside: allow to see any Health variation from one day to the other, with our daily synchronisations. Perfect for large portfolios.

βž– Downside: do not include at all the gut feeling and churn reasons uncorrelated with activity.

It requires that the KPI is being pushed every day to keep an accurate Health.

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