These configurations will allow you to indicate to Salesmachine the main characteristics of your Ideal Customer Profile. The Customer Fit Score is a score between 0 and 100 and each criteria (or signal) can be weighted between 1 (lightly important) to 10 (highly important). Also, please note that signals can be defined at Account or Contact level.

Here are below some common signals to define your Customer fit score. Quite often most of these indicators can be gathered when a new user is registering for the first time to your Platforms; either for a Trial period or a Freemium and fill out its Register form.

• contact email does not contain gmail|hotmail|outlook

To prevent the non-corporate sign-ups to be included in your Qualified Trials.

Obviously, there are many email addresses that could be added up to the list above, so another option is to have a value pushed in Salesmachine as shown below, and set your signals as displayed.

• company size:

When you want your Sales to focus on some specific markets. You can weight higher your more strategic Markets (ex: above 500 employees, etc..), and lower the mid and small markets.

• country

For this signal, remember that the pipe "|" means "OR", then you can split each country with a pipe symbol, and Salesmachine will consider it can the "US" or "UK" or "Canada", etc..

• used technologies

For instance, you can provide different weights among the various services the Trials are testing from you.

• type of customer (Enterprise, Small business, etc..)

This value will be split your clients by Tiering (1, 2 & 3).

• Phone number

Feel free to weight the fact the Trial as indicated its phone number as your Sales representative will then more easily reach out.

Also, if you are using the Convert module for Freemiums, we usually recommend to take out (change the Trial status) all the accounts/contacts that have been in the module for a very long time without any activity (ex: more than 6 months, a year..) to keep only the ones with more value potential.

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