This section will allow you to leverage in-app behaviors of your Trials or Freemiums, focusing on some specific actions done for example; X number of sessions in the last 2 weeks, XX sent messages, XXX number of created Accounts, etc..

Criteria for determining Adoption is specific to every company, as it is informed by the data collected through product use. Some factors that could be used are:

  • how much time is spent using the software?

  • which features are being used?

  • what are additional interactions (i.e. uploading content or a file)

You will score the very important actions within your Products, to make sure that;

  • Sales Representative discussion will be targeted to the most used features

  • Frame your Sales speech to adapt it to each customer-preferred feature

  • Adapt your incentive to move these customers to a paying subscription

Once you have saved the settings, Salesmachine will calculate a customer fit score for every customer with a trial status (it can take some time if you have a lot of customers with this status). You can find the results on the Convert module.

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