Inform the clients of cancellation effects

Warn the client of the cancellation consequences for examples:

  • loss of imported data

  • loss of all configurations and set-up

  • loss of the implementation and integrations with other services

  • loss of all the historical communications and work done within the Solution

All the above represents a significant investment that some Customers might fear losing and could reconsider their churn decision. You have to make them understand that they have to lose than to win, canceling their subscription.

Downgrade instead of churn

Downgrade your customer subscription will help you keeping him as Client to give you more time to provide the value that he has paid for in the first place.

Some customers with a high seasonality might be convinced to stay if you suggest pausing their subscription for a limited period of time.

Limit your passive churn

A significant number of churn accounts are due to credit card payment failure.

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